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Great post. Very similar to the conclusion I reached thinking about this over the month.

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An alternative path is to find a domain-specific application that outperforms the general model by an order of magnitude (if you can’t, don’t bother), scale quickly, and build a moat with network effects or by means of the legal frameworks (copyright (still an open question), IP laws, etc).

A lab is still probably a better bet, but perhaps not the only way.

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Something like this *might* work. There's so many unsettled things in the supply chain: what's going to have relative pricing power, for example? Maybe you make the domain-specific application built on an LLM under the hood. And the LLM learns some new ability in 1 year that means a new entrant can outcompete you. Maybe there's a network effect in the product design that outcompetes the new entrant, but can't know for sure that new capabilities won't come out that outcompete the network effect.

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